Swimming Pool Repair & DIY Articles

How To Build Artificial Rock - Free

Free tutorial that teaches you how to build lifelike artificial rocks using an easy and affordable process. Anyone can learn to build artificial rocks with this easy to read and straight forward guide. Hundreds of step by step photos - a huge resource for artificial rock construction.
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Experts Guide To Inspecting Pools - Free

This article will teach you to identify different types of swimming pools and learn to inspect them for signs of age, wear and damage. This is a fantastic resource for new home shoppers, real estate agents, estimators and swimming pool owners.
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Learn How To Build A Garden Statue - Free

A great DIY article that shows step by step how to build unique garden planter statues or moai heads. Uses cheap and easy to find materials with step by step pictures of the process.
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Advanced Artificial Rock & Waterfalls - $97.00

The most complete, easy to read and down to earth pond, waterfall and advanced artificial rock tutorial available anywhere. Anyone can build a professional quality waterfall with this easy process. Over thirty pages and hundreds of full color pictures.
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